Auburn Public Library complies with federal copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code). It is the intent of this law to protect the rights of copyright owners from unauthorized reproduction of their works. This includes works that have been fixed in any format, including print, audio, video, and computer file, whether or not they have been published.

However, the law also recognizes the public benefit of allowing citizens to do limited copying from copyrighted works for educational purposes. Under the precepts of fair use (section 107), library patrons may copy or print parts of copyrighted works for one-time, educational, non-profit activities. Copying that would replace or infringe upon a commercial sale of a copyrighted work (such as copying a work in its entirety, copying something for repeated use, or making exceedingly numerous copies of the same item) is forbidden. In such cases, library patrons should seek permission from the copyright owner before proceeding.

Public use of copy machines and printers

The library provides coin-operated photocopy machines and networked printers for the convenience and lawful use of its patrons. While library staff act in good faith by posting public notices and other practices to remind library patrons about copyright law and its restrictions, they cannot be liable for the acts of individual patrons using library materials or equipment.

Except in the case of filling interlibrary loan requests, library staff generally do not photocopy materials for patrons, although exceptions may be made when circumstances warrant.

Beyond those stipulated by the law, the Library places no restrictions on the photocopying of library materials by patrons, except in cases where fragile materials may be damaged during the photocopying process.

Staff practices

In the course of their work, library staff seek to adhere to the tenets of Title 17 and will not knowingly fulfill patron requests that constitute violations of copyright law.

For detailed guidelines about federal copyright law and how it pertains to library use and practices, see the American Library Association fact sheet on “Video and Copyright.”

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