Customer Concerns about Library Materials

Auburn Public Library selects material with great care, using established criteria and giving full consideration to the varying age groups as well as differing education and cultural backgrounds of customers the Library serves. The selection criteria are described in detail in the Collection Development Policy.

In support of its mission “to engage, enlighten and enrich,” APL fully endorses the principles documented in the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement of the American Library Association. The Library upholds the right of the individual to secure information, even though the content may be controversial, unorthodox or unacceptable to others. Materials available in the Library present a diversity of viewpoints, enabling citizens to make the informed choices necessary in a democracy.

Requests for Reconsideration

Persons from the community wishing to recommend the removal or reclassification of a particular item in the APL collection may submit a Statement of Concern about Library Materials Form. The request will be reviewed by the Library Director and staff, bearing in mind the Library’s mission statement and the selection criteria of the Collection Development Policy. After evaluating journal reviews and other materials submitted by the customer and the staff, the Library Director, or the Collection Development Manager as the Director’s designee, will respond with 30 days of receiving the formal request. The item in question will not be removed from the shelf during the reconsideration process.

If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached between the individual and the library director, an appeal may be filed with the library’s Board of Trustees, which will have the ultimate authority to resolve the matter.

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