Fines, Fees and Other Charges

The Auburn Public Library does not charge late fines for any overdue circulating materials, with some exceptions for high demand and/or high value items, including the Maine State Park Pass and some equipment. The Library does assess some fees for lost materials and other instances. 

Fees and Other Charges

Fees are charges assessed to recover certain costs or to enhance the Library’s ability to provide popular materials and services.

Current fees include:

  •  transaction fees – for borrowing audiobooks,  and entertainment DVDs
  •  service fees – for specialized services, such as genealogy, obituary, and in-depth research
  •  partial recovery charges – for the direct and indirect costs associated with certain services, including:
    • photocopying
    • computer printing
    • document delivery
    • interlibrary loan
    • replacement of lost library cards
    • processing of reserved items never picked up
  • total recovery charges – for the direct and indirect costs to replace lost or damaged materials, including interlibrary loan items
  • subscription fees for nonresident borrowers (in lieu of the tax support received from residents) – to support general collections and services
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