Reserving Library Items

The Auburn Public Library allows customers to reserve checked-out items so they may be notified when these items become available for circulation. This allows customers to receive the next available copy of an item as soon as possible.


Any customer (child or adult) with a valid Auburn library card may reserve an item.

  •  Reserves may be placed in person, by phone, or online.
  • Customers will receive the first available copy from a library in the circulation system.
  • Customers may designate the date before and after which they won’t need the item.
  • The number of items a customer may place on reserve at any one time is limited. The online circulation system will not allow a customer to exceed this limit. Circulation staff may override this limit on behalf of a customer if circumstances warrant.
  • Customers may request multiple copies of the same item at the same time if needed.

A customer with outstanding fines equal to or above a designated amount must resolve these issues before checking out a reserved item.

The customer will be notified when a reserved item is available for check-out. When customers are notified by telephone call, staff persons will keep the privacy of library customers in mind at all times.

After being notified that a reserved item is ready for check-out, customers must pick the item up within a specified number of days. Customers who fail to pick up their items within this timeframe will be assessed a fee.

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