Customer Behavior

Auburn Public Library Customer Guidelines

Welcome to the Auburn Public Library. We value our customers and strive to treat them with courtesy and respect. We hope you find the library a comfortable and welcoming place. Please be considerate of the rights of others as you use this community facility.

You are welcome to...

  • Use our materials gently. Take them home to enjoy by using your library card.
  • Speak in conversational tones in active areas (e.g. Service Desks, Children’s Room) and respect others’ need for quiet spaces such as the Grand Reading Room.
  • Be considerate of others and communicate with respect
  • Use cell phones and other devices while being mindful of others. Set cell phones to vibrate and speak softly. Turn down volume on other devices, or mute in quiet areas.
  • Consume food and drinks. Beverages must be covered; food is limited to snacks/finger food.
  • Use restrooms appropriately.
  • Bring small personal items with you when you visit. No oversized items such as bedrolls, large suitcases, or bags are permitted. You must keep your items with you at all times. Unattended items are subject to confiscation. The Library is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged on the grounds of the Library.
  • Ask the library staff if you have any questions or need any assistance.
  • Children of all ages are welcome to use library materials and participate in library activities; children under 8 must be at all times actively supervised by a parent/ caregiver 13 years or older

The following are prohibited:

  • Engaging in any activity prohibited by law.
  • Disruptive or unsafe behavior, including any conduct that interferes with the use of the library by others or with the functioning of the library staff or which may cause damage to library property.
  • Loitering at entrances or on library property.
  • Use of loud, abusive, threatening or insulting language.
  • Use of obscene or pornographic Internet sites.
  • Sexual harassment or misconduct.
  • Sleeping and offensive bodily hygiene.
  • All forms of tobacco, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes(hookahs), electronic cigarettes (vaporizers), and smokeless tobacco products on library property
  • Possessing, selling, distributing, consuming or being under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or controlled substance
  • Inappropriate clothing (e.g. absence of shirt/shoes, obscenity) and inappropriate physical contact.
  • Animals, except for service animals (dogs only) and animals which are part of a library program.
  • Rollerblading or skateboarding.
  • Soliciting or selling merchandise.

The Auburn Public Library reserves the right to prohibit persons who do not abide by these Guidelines from using its facilities and premises. Library personnel may ask persons who are exhibiting inappropriate behavior to modify their behavior. Noncompliance may result in the individual being banned from the library premises or in arrest and prosecution. The Auburn Public Library Board of Trustees has established these rules of conduct (approved) so that library users and staff have a clean, pleasant and safe environment. We appreciate your cooperation.


Revised and approved:  Aug. 14, 2018

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