Non-library Pamphlets and Brochures

The Auburn Public Library serves as an information resource for the community and, as such, provides space for the distribution of various materials promoting non-profit or non-commercial ventures.

Accepted Materials

Non-library pamphlets and brochures must be submitted to the Library’s designated staff person for approval prior to distribution.

The Library will distribute pamphlets and brochures of a civic, cultural, educational or recreational nature produced by any non-profit or non-commercial organization. The Library will not distribute pamphlets and brochures that are for purposes of religious proselytizing or partisan political recruitment.

Materials pertaining to library programs and those of agencies in Androscoggin County will have priority. Materials produced by organizations and individuals from outside Androscoggin County will be displayed as space permits.

Community newspapers produced by for-profit organizations but distributed free of charge, with or without advertising, that contain news and feature articles relevant to the community will be accepted.

Materials not meeting the above criteria but left at the Library will be discarded.

The Library’s distribution of pamphlets and brochures produced by community agencies does not indicate or imply the Library’s endorsement of the sponsoring agencies or the views expressed in the materials.

Display of Materials

The arrangement and display of non-library pamphlets and brochures will be the responsibility of the Library’s designated staff person. Materials of a dated nature will be removed the day after they expire. Notices that are not date specific will be displayed for a period of 45 days.

In general, materials will be displayed in designated areas/receptacles within the library building only.

The Library generally will not accept display racks from organizations, but exceptions may be made if circumstances warrant.

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