Programs and Presentations

The Auburn Public Library offers programs to provide members of the community with accessible opportunities for education, enrichment, or personal development. Programs are planned for children, teens, or adults and may take place within or outside the Library. Programs may consist of a story time, lecture, workshop, discussion group, performance, reading, book talk, demonstration, or panel discussion.


Auburn Public Library programs may be presented by library staff or volunteers. Presenters will follow a basic set of guidelines established by the Library and may not promote a product or service for sale. Library staff will schedule and co-coordinate programs in their assigned areas.

Programs may be promoted through the Library’s usual publicity outlets.

Maximum attendance limits may be set for some programs or workshops. In no case will the total number of people admitted to a program exceed the legal limit set for the size of the room.

Advance registration may be required for some programs. This will be indicated in the program’s advance publicity. Advance registrations will generally be accepted via website, telephone, or in person.

Large groups or those with special needs planning to attend a library program should notify the Library in advance so it can best accommodate the needs of everyone attending.

In some cases, the Library may schedule special programs by appointment for larger groups or those affiliated with an agency. These may take place within or outside the building. In general, such programs will be scheduled for a single group or agency no more than two (2) times each month. Requests for such programs should be submitted to the Library no less than two (2) weeks in advance.

Co-sponsored programs

At times the Library may co-sponsor programs with other organizations. Co-sponsored programs may take place within or outside the Library.

The Library will consider itself a co-sponsor of a program when it makes any two of the following contributions:

  • Staff participation in the planning or presentation of the program
  • Special displays of library materials related to the program
  • Promotion of the program by the library on its web page, in printed flyers, or through its usual publicity outlets
  • Financial or “in kind” support

The Library will co-sponsor programs with groups that enhance and comply with its mission. The Library generally will not co-sponsor programs with for-profit companies, individuals, or partners who intend to use the program to directly solicit business. However, exceptions may be made when circumstances warrant. The authority to decide whether the Library will co-sponsor a program resides with the Library Director.

Regulations regarding the Library’s co-sponsorship of programs with other agencies are applied equally for agencies of all types.

In some cases, the Library may require a written agreement with the co-sponsoring agencies outlining the terms, conditions, and responsibilities of its co-sponsorship.

It is expected that publicity materials prepared by an event partner will indicate the Library’s role as a co-sponsor.

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