Staff Review: The Heiress

The Heiress

By Rachel Hawkins

When North Carolina's richest, and most notorious, woman dies, she leaves behind her estate, her wealth, and a complicated past to her adopted son.  Camden, her son, had left behind his past to start a normal life as a teacher in Colorado.  Now Camden, along with his wife Jules, must return to Ashby House, where everyone's past will come to light. 

Upfront I have to mention I was a fan of the three previous adult books written by Rachel Hawkins, however, while this was good, I felt it was not as well done as the others.  She writes an enthralling tale but often goes way out of the realm of realisticness. It is a work of fiction though and I'm sure most people don't mind that it is a little over the top in believability.  This wasn't a fast-paced action novel, but it got my attention and tangled me into the web of family secrets and drama.  

3 Stars