Staff Review: None of This Is True

None of This Is True

By Lisa Jewell 

Alix and Josie are birthday twins who randomly meet while celebrating their forty-fifth birthdays. After a second encounter, Josie suggests her story would make compelling material for Alix's podcast.  Despite the odd vibe she gets from Josie, Alix agrees, and their lives become more and more intertwined over the course of the interviews.  Suddenly Josie disappears, leaving Alix to investigate who Josie really is, at the peril of her own life and that of her family.  

Another psychological hit from Lisa Jewell that will get you drawn in within the first few pages.  Twists and turns that you do not see coming, which makes the story live up to its title.  You'll be wondering throughout what is actually true and what is not.  The characters are not particularly likable, but do they have to be for a book to be good?  

4 Stars